Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fever!

Spring Greetings!! Well, I think that I can chalk one up as the worst bloggers of all time. There has been so much going on these past few months that blogging has been put off, sorry!! I will try to update you our past 3 months in as few words as possible!

In January, Michael and I started our own church small group at our home on Sunday evenings. We had been praying about it, 1) b/c our other group was very big and 2) b/c Michael really felt lead to fill one of his passions...sharing God's word. Michael knows so much about the bible and is such a great leader. I'm so proud of him for taking on this great opportunity. We have four other couples that join us every week and we really appreciate the friendship and bond that we are building with them!! To our small group family...thanks for joining and sharing in our lives!!

The end of January Michael was laid off from Pfizer and it has been a whirl wind getting all of his 'junk' turned back in to the company. I think last week we finally finshed it up. Fortuantely, Pfizer has a nice compensation package so we haven't been without pay yet. Michael has been spending a lot of time looking for jobs and updating his resume. Currently he is shadowing an Insurance Agent here in town to see if it might be something he is interested it!! Nothing really feels normal right now and it is very hard to not just HAVE ANSWERS. We truly believe that God has a better plan for us and we are trying very, very hard to be patient for that!

On top of that, we flew to MD in February to be with Michael's family at the death of his grandmother. Let me say, she was one amazing women. As I look back on the few years that I knew her, I just hope that I can be as faithful and devoted as she. Her faith was amazing and she always took time for our wonderful, almighty God! Michael had so many fond memories of their time together and will always remember that! We know that she is in a wonderful place and we look forward to being being with her someday!

March brought on another new adventure for Michael & I. We started a children's consignment sale in Hutch called, The Kansas Kids Closet. We spent most of last week at the fair grounds preparing and having our sale. For our first sale, we feel that it was successful. We received a lot of positive feedback and we're looking forward to our fall sale in August!

With March comes....MARCH MADNESS. I'm sure you all can't belive that we love this time of year! However, I'm a little concerned with my bracket. Wouldn't want to break my winning streak and lose to Michael for the 1st time!! Sorry babe, I love you, but I also love winning!! So yes, we will be watching as much b-ball as possible before the season is over!

The Kiddos!! Carson & Lily are growing up so much. I'm amazed everyday how much they both are talking, especially Lily! They both are saying all these grown-up things! They are very sweet and ask things like, "Mommy are you ok"? They both love to be outside any chance that they get. Lily has finally taken an interest in 'girl things' such as babies. Sometimes even Carson will play dolls. I know that daddy just loves that! Ha Ha!! However, most of the time they seem to play with the train set or Carson's tools!!

They both are typical toddlers that can't seem to listen and spend a lot of time making messes and playing. However, they simply are MY LIFE. They just bring me so much joy everyday...even when they make me want to pull out my hair!! Talking about kiddos, we are excited that #3 will be coming along in September. September 16th we are scheduled for a c-section!! May 11th we find out the sex! Carson and Lily both keep saying they want and baby 'siser'...but we will see!

As for me, I'm good. Trying to keep up with all the madness of our busy lives. Usually when the kids take their naps I get about an hour and a half for myself, which I almost always need! I really have spring fever and have enjoyed the days that I can open the doors and let the fresh air in!!

Sorry that this blog is so lengthy! Hope this finds you all doing well!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!

The Gray's :0)

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for updating us! I cannot believe how big Carson & Lily are...it's crazy! Lily looks so grown up and Carson is getting tall!

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