Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Big Party

Well, the birthday party was a hit…and my living room looks like a toy store! Thanks to all of our friends and family that came to help celebrate and for all of the toys, clothes, and money! Also for the gifts and money sent through the mail!

The kids had such a great time! Lily loved having her own cake and I think that she would’ve eaten the entire thing had we let her!! Carson on the other hand, ate a small piece and was off for more toys.

It was great to have Michael’s dad and sister here from Maryland for the big day! We are sorry that the time always goes so fast, but we enjoyed having you!!

Hope that you all have recovered from the long Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed an extra day off!! Talk to you soon!

Miss you all,
The Grays :0)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Birthday Pictures!!

Yes, Lily turned 1 yesterday and Carson will be 2 tomorrow! It is so hard to believe that this past year has just flown by! Here are the pictures that we had taken at the Studio today! Lily just loved having her picture taken! Carson on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it! I will update soon with b-day party pictures! Enjoy! Love, The Grays :0)

Michael's Dad William and Sister Marjorie

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Days

WOW! Where has the past month and a half gone? Seems like we have been going since Easter and haven’t stopped! We have spent our weekends traveling or having company. We did add in a Garage Sale and an Uppercase Living party!

The kids are doing well and are growing like crazy. Lily is about to walk, she has it down but just won’t let go! Her personality is very easy going and she still wants to spend her time with mommy!

I think that the terrible two’s have hit Carson already. I feel like all I say to him some days is no! He now knows how to lock & unlock doors so if you don’t watch him close he will be outside before you know it! He really enjoys putting on his shoes and hanging out in the garage until we are ready to go! He has also started climbing on his bed, so it is about time for the big boy bed!

These next couple weeks are busy with the kids’ birthdays and Michael’s family coming in from Maryland! We are so excited to see them and I know they are excited to see the kids!

Hope that you all are doing well…we are having pictures the end of next week, and I will send them out!

The Grays :0)

Giving little sis a push!

Such big shoes!

Yummy, I love this Nutripals bar!

Hard at work!

All of us at the Hutchinson Zoo!

Sneaking out before I got caught!

I love my pictures books!

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