Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Beauties!!

Today was picture day! I am so, so happy with how it went! I think maybe it was the most successful photo shoot EVER! The kids we so good and were all smiles for the most part!

Things are busy here. Our consignment sale is next week so I have been on the phone a lot it seems. Also, our house is back on the market. Two weeks ago we found out the buyers fell through. It really stinks, but we are surviving!!

We have been enjoying the warmer weather around here and are anxious to get outside more!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

The Gray's

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its been a while!!

Yes, I've fallen off the blogging wagon...I would like to say that I will do better but there are no promises with next months schedule!

Allie is growing like crazy these days and these pictures are mostly of her!! She has been rolling over and smiles all the time! She is such a good baby, she knows that she is the 3rd child!

Carson and Lily are also changing a lot! Carson new love is our wii! He loves to play the sports games and we are amazed at how fast he has caught on! Lily continues to love reading and anything related to babies. She blows us away with her vocabulary...sometimes we have to remind ourselves that she is only 2!

Michael has been very busy this month traveling with both Farm Bureau and the Church! He continues to enjoy both very much. These next couple months he will be studying to pass his licensing classes so he can stay employed with FB! Please pray for him as it can be very stressful!

I continue to find more than enough to keep me busy! Running my hair bow business and the consignment sale is on the top of the list after my kiddos! I've also been watching a couple extra kiddos on Monday and Friday to help out a church friend!!

As some of you might know, we have decided to downsize. We are no longer living the lifestyle of a Pharm Sales Rep! It was a hard decision but one that we both have much peace about! Our house sold in 7 days and the process happened so much faster that we ever thought possible! So, at the end of March we will be moving to another house in town! It is an older home that was just flipped...hopefully can update with pictures later! Still has 5 bedrooms just no basement!!

Hope to update again very soon!

Many blessings to you all!

Love, The Gray's :0)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meal Planning 1/11/2010

So, for those of you that know we fairly well, I STINK at planning meals! One of my five, yes five, New Years Resolutions is to do better at planning meals! I know that my hubby will especially appreciate it...not to mention it is my job!

So, I've broken out the numerous cookbooks that I have and got on the internet and done a lot of searching for some new recipes! With that, here is our meal plan for the week!

Monday-Hamburgers with brocolli and mac-n-cheese
Tuesday-Salmon with twice baked potatoes and corn
Wednesday-Dinner at church (can't beat a $1 meal and its good home cookin)
Thursday-Pasta & Sausage Skiller
Friday-Dinner at our friends house (I'm bringing dessert, something I'm good at)
Saturday-Chicken Fajitas and mexican rice
Sunday-Dinner with our Small Group (sandwiches and sides)

I wish that I could plan a left-over dinner but those usually get ate at lunch time!

Anyone with any great, easy recipes, please pass them on!!

Many Thanks,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Imagination Movers in Concert

In October we traveled to Kansas City and saw the Imagination Movers in concert! "The Movers" is a Disney show that Carson & Lily LOVE! They just can't get enough of them!
We had such a great time! Imagination Mover Dave actually walked right behind us and gave Carson a high-five!! Both the kids stood in the isle and shook their booty to the music! Allie even did good, she just slept through the entire thing!!

Carving Pumpkins

Lily trying out Dance Class

In September we enrolled Lily in a parent participation dance class! Needless to say, we only lasted a couple weeks! As you can see she wasn't really in to participating, daddy did all the work!!

A Visit with My Grandparents!

I'm trying to play catch-up! This actually happened the last week of August! Grandma & Ronnie we were so glad that you came and spent a week with us! The kids had a blast! Much love to you!

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