Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Blizzard

Happy Spring from snow covered Hutchinson! Needless to say these last two weeks have been crazy.

Last week Lily started getting a cough. We took her to the doctor on Tuesday b/c she had a fever. Our doctor was crazy busy so Michael & Lily waited in the Same Day Care to see another doctor. After waiting 2 1/2 hours, they saw a doctor. She diagnosed Lily with an ear infection, gave us an antibiotic and sent us home. After two days of medicine and still a fever, I called the doctor and got another appointment, this time with our doctor! Our doctor just listened to Lily and said she had pneumonia. I couldn't believe it and I was not happy. He did a chest x-ray to confirm it and sure enough! So, after another round of meds and some breathing treatments our princess is doing so much better!!

Luckily pneumonia is only contagious at the cold stage so Carson didn't get it!

After much prayer and consideration, Michael has decided that he is going to try the insurance field. We are still keeping our options open if something should come our way, but he is really enjoying it. He will be getting licensed between now and the end of April so that we aren't actually employed and lose out on our 'free' money from Pfizer! Please pray for us as we start this new journey!

Earlier this week the weather man forecasted we were to have snow. At first we though a few inches, but later found out that we were in for 6-8". Friday and Saturday we were in Blizzard warnings most of the day. Finally, once it stopped Hutch measured in at nearly 2'. It is really hard to get an accurate reading b/c of all the blowing and drifting! Below are some pictures of us having fun outside and of the beautiful drifts that are in our yard!

Both Carson & Lily are doing well and are now healthy. Carson keeps asking to wear his basketball shorts... I think that he likes the feel of the material! He also won't leave the doors closed b/c of the snow. He just wants to put his hands in it. Lily is mostly her sweet self unless she has to put on pants or get in her car seat which is always a chore! She still loves to read mostly Dr. Suess books which I'm about sick of. Daily she is saying more and more. It is hard to belive that she is growing up so fast!!

Hope you all have a great!!

The Gray's

Showering after playing in the snow. We asked Carson what he was doing and said "talking". We asked him what he was talking about and he said "monies". Do they really understand money at age 2?

Carson sticking his head out of the tunnel built by daddy!

Daddy helping Lily down the big drift!

Big smiles for fun in the snow!

Love that smile!

Help mommy, my glove is falling off!

Fun with the neighbors

Going under...kind of!

On the big drift

Yep, that is a snow ball

The front of the house with all the drifts!

Daddy scooping the drive!

Gods beauty!

Riding the hourse after watching barrel racing

Big Smiles

What a ladies man!

Fun in the sun!!

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