Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Easter

Hello to all,
Well yet another month plus has passed since our last update and things have has been busy as usual. This last week has been so crazy with both kids sick with the rotovirus! Yuck!! Both are feeling much better but needless to say, it was a very very long week. I’m so thankful for Michael and his flexible job! He was so much help and I don’t think that I could have done it without him!

Carson is talking a ton and is telling us about many things, including what mommy says…no no!! He loves to play outside and go for walks in our new double stroller and has been helping daddy put together our new playground for the back yard! He is into fixing things and likes to use his own tools to do so!

Lily is a mommy’s girl and cries whenever I’m not at her side! She is pulling up to everything and walking. She is really happy playing with Carson as long as he isn’t hurting her! She is babbling a lot and has finally started eating regular foods with her two teeth!

Michael has been very busy working in the basement. We now have walls and they are ready to be painted. Thanks to Billy (Michael’s brother) for helping and for his expertise! The plumbers came last week and the bathroom is ready for the sink & toilet…so hopefully our visitors will have their own space. I know that Michael is anxious for it to be done! I’m just ready for all the mess and dust to be gone! His job is going good as always. We are just waiting for May when he starts his new territory. Lol!

I’ve had a busy last few weeks…tried selling hair bows in Wichita. It wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, did sell about 30, but was hoping for more. However, I did get to see a lot of friends who came through. This week I’m taking clothes to the consignment sale in Wichita, so I will be in town again and will be back the beginning of April to try selling once more! We also are trying to get Easter pictures this week, so I will send another update with those! I’m very excited for spring and we have been enjoying the nice days when we can get out and play. Can’t wait for us to get the fence up so that the kids can play!

Hope that you all are doing well and enjoying the nice weather! Happy Easter!

Miss you all,
The Grays :0)

I'm so cool!

Trouble...what is that!

So precious!

Coloring a picture!

Looking down the hall...the bedrooms on the right, closet at the end of the hall, storage on the left, and the bathroom is on the left, but you can't see it!

The Bathroom


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber, always so fun to see your updates of Carson and Lily

they are such cuties.....

Looks like you got alot goin on at your house...... I know how all that remodeling dust can be.... hang in there.. it will soon be done and looking great.....

pinch those sweet cheeks for me


Anonymous said...

Hey G-Lover...Your pictures are PRECIOUS!!! I miss your kiddos...and you-hope to come by and visit soon. Love you!

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