Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Valentine's!!

Hello to all! Well, it has been over a month since our last update and Carson & Lily have changed so much!
Lily now has two teeth and she is crawling all over the place. She also is pulling herself up to everything and wants to be able to see Carson and loves to play patty cake. She is very happy most of the time and is content playing by herself, but does love to play with Carson too, when he isn’t hurting her!!
We think that Carson has officially started the terrible two’s!! He is into everything and some days I can’t wait for nap time and a few minutes of quiet time! He loves to play with Lily and even sit on her!! He also loves to play at the sink and pretend to cook! On the other hand, he gave up the pacifier very easily and has started potty training and is doing so well!
Michael is buys as usual! He has been working on the basement a lot and the sheet rocking is almost done. We also found out starting May 1st his territory will be changing, again! This time we won’t be moving, however, Michael will be on the move with a bigger territory and some over nights! :0( He will be working the NW Kansas area and will go the border of CO & NE!!
I’m doing well, spending most of my time playing toys with the kids and now making hair bows. Of course, Lily isn’t Lily without a hair bow so I’ve started making and selling them and I’m going to try selling them at a couple consignment sales in Wichita!!
We are all doing great and are very ready for spring so that we can get out of the house more! We also took our first class in the process of joining our church on Sunday and we are so excited, so please prayer for us in this journey!
Hope that you all are doing well! Talk to you soon!
Love, The Grays

Flipping the pretend pancakes!

Do you want up?

WOW! Look at that crazy hair!

Tightening the screws on the table!

Jumping in the bed!!

Big Smiles!

Doing the dishes!

Crawling all over!!

So beautiful!

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