Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to School Already

Well, it is hard to believe that summer is offically on the down hill slope. I'm not exactly sure where it went to. I was pregnant and very much miserable and them before we knew it Carson celebrated his 1st birthday and Lily was born. Now three months have passed and soon Fall will be here! Even though its not back to school for us for a few more years, Carson enjoys watching the school bus drive down the street every morning. He has some kind of fascination with big vehicles!!

Things have been busy as usual, but I not really sure with what. We stay home most days unless I'm really brave and then we maybe go to Wal-Mart. Thats the only store where both Lily & Carson will fit in one cart. Although, I'm not able to purchase many things b/c there is no room.

Well I think I can say that we are really settled into the house finally and Carson has helped by initiating it with throwing food on a couple walls! Yikes! We have been enjoying Hutch a lot and being closer to my family, but we really miss getting to see our friends in Wichita. It seems like life just happens and before you know it weeks and even months have passed without taking or seeing them!

I'm happy to report that we currently ARE NOT PREGNANT!!!! We didn't think that going for three in three years would be a very good idea!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope that all is well with all our family & friends and we hope to see/talk to you all very soon!

Michael, Amber, Carson, & Lily :0)

Carson clearing the couch cushions!

I'm so smilie!!

Carson eating in his big boy chair at the table! He thinks that it is so much fun!

Saying Cheese!

Help...my brothers got me!!!!!!!!

Please give me my fofo back!!

My first pony tail with my Boomer Sooner Ribbon! Go OU!!

Carson helping daddy mow the lawn!

Aren't they so cute!

I'm going to break lots of hearts!

Time to eat...AGAIN!!

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