Monday, April 23, 2007

All Settled In

Well, sorry its been so long...we have been a little busy. We are all settled into our new house and enjoying having more space even though the basement isn't completely finished. We are really enjoying Hutch but sad to no longer be in the big city.
Michael is really enjoying his new territory. The doctors are a lot more personable in the rural communities. Seems that Hutch has been the only challenge having to schedule things 5 and 6 weeks out.
Carson is adapting well. This has been quite a change for him and he has been very needy, but the past few days have been a lot better. He & I spend a lot of time with The Campbell's (Kim & Cole). It has been really great for him to get some interaction with someone his own age. They seem to get along well as along as they aren't hitting each other with their toys! (They both are learning to throw!)
Lily is growing and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. I think that I'm more ready than ever! Very tired of being big & pregnant! We are scheduled to have a c-section on the 22nd of May and would love to have anyone come visit us at Wesley while we are there! I know that we will be there at least until the 24th!!
Of couse, attached are some pictures for you all to enjoy! Talk to you soon!

Carson's favorite shirt that 'Paps' also known as Grandpa Gray & Aunt Marj got for him when they came to visit!

My favorite toy that cost Mom & Dad a lot of money!! $26 to be exact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helping Mom & Dad put things away!

I meant to say...helping clean out the drawer!!

Carson & his friend Cole causing trouble at dinner!

Carson getting Daddy's attention!

Carson helping Daddy work on the computer!

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