Monday, March 12, 2007

Our New Home

The past two weeks have been very crazy at the Gray house. Michael has spent many nights on the phone with numerous people working on our relocation. This past weekend we were in Hutch and found a place to live! Yeah! We are so excited about our new home! It has three bedrooms upstairs with a huge living room area and the basement is partially finished. Michael is excited to get the opportunity to finish the bathroom and two more bedrooms in the basement. The basement is also wired for the projector TV on the wall and surround sound, so you know that is probably one of the first things that we will be purchasing.

Attached are the pictures of what the house looks like! I also added some of Carson...of course I couldn't leave him out. He is doing really well babbling all the time and getting into everything possible. He now has eight teeth which seems hard to believe and he wants to eat everything!
Lily is growing a lot and very active, she like to play when I want to sleep, go figure!

We close on our house on the 2nd of April and we are seeing about the possibility of moving in the last weekend of March, if not the first week of April so our time in Wichita is quickly coming to an end! We are sad but excited about what the future has in store!

Talk to you all very soon!

Michael, Amber, Carson, & Lily :)

The kitchen

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath



Back of house and patio

Living room


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